Strychnos nux-vomica extract and its ultra-high dilution reduce voluntary ethanol intake in rats.

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An integral approach to substance abuse.,Amodia DS, Cano C, Eliason MJ.

integral approach to substance abuse and addictions

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Homeopathy is to be available on the National Health System in Bath

Homeopathy is to be available on the National Health System in Bath after a hospital set up an outreach clinic in the city.

The clinic at a doctors' surgery in London Road will accept referrals from GPs from all over the south west.

It will involve staff from the Bristol Homeopathic Hospital - which is one of only five in the country to offer homeopathic treatments.

The clinic at the Grosvenor Surgery will offer treatments for complex conditions including rheumatology, allergies, asthma, eczema, anxiety and depression, digestive and bowel problems, as well as cancer care support.

The subject of homeopathy has been clouded in a degree of controversy, with some scientists arguing that such treatments have an effect that can be compared to that of a placebo, and referrals to the Bristol hospital fell by 20 per cent last year.

But a year-long pilot study carried out in Northern Ireland has concluded that an integrated approach where complementary medicine was used alongside conventional techniques could offer significant health improvements.

Dr Elizabeth Thompson, consultant homeopathic physician at the Bristol hospital, said: "The evidence from this study will support colleagues in offering patients the choice of high quality homeopathic care on the NHS.

"This new outreach clinic will mean that patients from the local community will be able to access a wide range of treatments nearer to their homes."

Dr Claire Stanford, the speciality doctor who is conducting the clinic, added: "Patients are very appreciative of the integrated approach to care, combining the best of conventional and homeopathic medicine. In very many instances it has not only brought enormous relief but has also allowed them to enjoy life to the full."

The Bristol hospital was built in 1921 and offers homeopathic remedies on the NHS for more than 50 medical conditions from cancer and arthritis to depression and irritable bowel syndrome.

A recent study by the Bristol hospital reported that 70 per cent of patients said their chronic conditions had improved since seeking treatment there.

Homeopathy is a system of healing based on the theory of treating "like with like" using diluted natural remedies that, if used in a healthy person, would create similar symptoms to the condition being treated.