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Homeopathy - Constitutional Care

Your first appointment is the most important and we will spend between 1.5 to 2 hours with you. During this time, we will ask about your health concerns and how they affect you, as well as a bit about your health history - in complete confidence.

We continue to attend to your health concerns and work with you to reach your health goals by finding the right homeopathic remedies, and by coaching you through important decisions. Homeopathic remedies work toward restoring health rather than masking or suppressing symptoms. The result is felt by the mind, body and spirit.

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Remedies - Homeopathy In Your Hood.

Get your own homeopathic medicines delivered DIRECT to your door. We will dispense your medicines according to your own specific needs unique to you and deliver to your door. With a specialized delivery "Homeopathy in Your Hood" van (plus the help of Canada Post or UPS or FedEx) we can deliver ANYWHERE in the Lower Mainland, Canada and Internationally according to your needs. We have a vast homeopathic pharmacy with a diverse selection of homeopathic remedies and dispensing options to suit your needs specifically.





Using homeopathy to prevent infectious diseases is a personal health and healing choice that has been practised for centuries. Homeoprophylaxis began being used in approximately 1798 when homeopaths and allopaths (conventional physicians) worked alongside each other, and during eras of full-blown medical epidemics and pandemics.

Homeoprophylaxis serves to educate the immune system towards the infectious disease process, such that if the immune system is challenged, it will have an understanding of what to do to get better. Homeopathy helps by helping the immune system do what it is designed to do, and is not meant as an alternative to vaccines. 

Homeoprophylaxis has gained some popularity because of the increased amount of valid and rigorous research by Dr. Isaac Golden and Dr. Gustavo Bracho on its positive results in the management of certain conditions. Read more with Dr. Golden.

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CEASE Therapy

CEASE stands for Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression.

CEASE Therapy for autistic children (and even adults) has matured through 300 cases - across all levels of severity - over the last three years.

It works step by step, to homeopathically detoxify causative factors (vaccines, regular medication, environmental toxic exposures, effects of illness, etc).

Our homeopath has been CEASE Therapy certified since 2012.

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Fertility Package

We provide 6 months of homeopathic consultations for couples or individuals, and continuity of care.

Preserve Your Placenta

Our homeopathic remedies made from the placenta and other birth products (colostrum, hind milk etc) can:

  • Help women with postpartum pains, depression, low milk supply; and later on in life help with menopause, dry eyes, and skin disorders.
  • Help children with colic, indigestion and problems with nursing, in addition to many other health problems, even for the long run.

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First Aid/Acute

Homeopathy helps to build the strength of each individual's immune system, and our homeopaths work with you to help with behavioural variances.

We offer natural health options for your system - strengthening tools that help thwart colds, flus, or other types of "acutes". If you have discomfort from an injury such as a broken toe or rib, or from sprains and strains, we can help you with the recovery process naturally.

It takes 15 to 30 minutes of your time and you will get powerfully effective homeopathic remedies specifically suited to help your body heal itself.

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