“When I went to see Elena in 2006, I was suffering from depression, panic attacks and was having trouble sleeping. I was missing work and knew I had to do something different than taking conventional medications that weren’t working for me. Elena spent a significant amount of time getting a good understanding of what was going on with me. After the first remedy she chose, my anxiety disappeared and I was myself again; very functional, happy and enthusiastic for life. Five years later, I experienced some similar symptoms and went back to see her and was significantly better the very day after taking my homeopathic remedy.”

— N.P., Vancouver


“When I first went to see El, I was having excruciatingly painful periods. My hormones were all out of whack and I was feeling really run down and tired all the time. Within three weeks of receiving my first constitutional remedy, I was surprised by the changes right away; my cramps were far less intense and only lasted a day, on and off. I also noticed an improvement in the quality of sleep I was getting and overall, I just felt more able to handle my stress and move through emotional obstacles. During the following months I have continued to see improvements on several levels including a healthier cycle and less painful cramping. I’m so glad I found homeopathy and El! The results have been astounding and El has been amazing to work with. I feel genuinely cared for and heard when I visit with her and I believe this is the moment the healing begins! When El chooses a remedy for me I can trust that she has made a well thought out and careful decision. As they say, the proof is in the pudding and the results I’ve had have been astonishing, proof enough for both me and my partner. We plan to start a family later this year and we both feel more at ease about it knowing that we have El and homeopathy on our side.”

— R.T.


“I had one of the most productive days at home since I can’t remember when. I was not distracted in any way, shape or form by usual ‘cravings’ associated with my addiction. It was a very refreshing day. Several times I felt a flush of chemicals (perhaps endorphins) in the brain similar to what I seek through my ‘acting out’ behavior except this time it felt very natural - and uplifting. A very stellar and inspiring day. This is what sobriety is to me - not fighting with my body or my mind. I am going to bed now with genuine feelings of satisfaction rather than the usual pain, shame, and guilt. I look forward to more days like today. Thank you for your remedies and support.”

— M.T., West Vancouver


I had great success with Homeopathic Sulphur for getting rid of acne on my cheeks. Someone noticed the improvement (I didn't bring it up, she did) and asked what I did. I told her about the homeopathic sulphur. She had me buy some for her son and he had drastic improvement, as well. I don't think placebo effects come into play when eliminating acne... I can't argue against results.

Another Homeopathy Documentary in the works

Includes worldwide 'visual testimonials'! A much anticipated release.

People who have used homeopathy have a lot of positive and dramatic stuff to say about it!

Very simple, it DOES work. No need to have faith; when you get the right remedy it works. I suffered with 7 years of Chronic Fatigue syndrome that was completely cured with homeopathy.
— Happy Homeopathic Client
I was amazed since my parents have always used homeopathic medication for hayfever and other allergies.
— Skeptic


[With] this recent batch of remedies... J.A. has continued to make remarkable progress. During the course of the last month he has eaten foods with egg and dairy in them without any reaction! Previous months, we conquered re-introducing wheat successfully. He has maintained good health as well. Thank you for everything you are doing.
— I.A., father of a 17-year-old who previously had lifelong allergic reactions to wheat, eggs and dairy


Reversing Autism

Alison’s Mum tells her story… I have a 6-year-old daughter Alison, with Aspergers, who has been treated with constitutional homeopathy for just over a year.

She was not a healthy or settled baby and I ended up having to wean her at 3 months as she didn’t tolerate my breast milk and I had to put on her on an elemental formula for protein allergies and Losec for reflux. By the time she was 1-year-old she still didn’t tolerate any food and the next years were spent managing her health with a limited diet as she got older and some biomedical supplements.

When we started homeopathy the things I wanted help with was her behavior and some physical health symptoms. She is a very sensitive child and has lots of allergies that can bring on sensory seeking behavior and at the time of our first consult she had become very bossy, argumentative, defiant and inflexible. She was demanding and not coping with much in general. She also was having constipation problems and reflux and some other physical issues.

I remember the day of her first dose as being a particularly difficult day for us. I was so keen to give her the indicated remedy to see if it helped. She was in a very bad mood and being very rude. I gave her a sniff of the bottle as we always start gentle with her being so sensitive and within 15 minutes she came up to me where I was sitting on the rocking chair and asked for a cuddle. She climbed onto me and just melted into me in a way I hadn’t felt before. She was far more balanced, settled and relaxed. This was a really strong noticeable response and from that moment on I have focused on healing her with constitutional homeopathy.

As she had more doses we had more breakthroughs with behavior and her health symptoms were improving too.

She regularly used to be unreachable. So for example she may wake up one morning and decide to be a fairy and then she would stay in that persona all day. It would be hard to reach her and even though it was easy because she was happy amusing herself as a fairy, it was like I had lost her. After improving on the homeopathy and not going into her own world so often, I noticed she would express her feelings to me when things were upsetting her. So I assume she was escaping reality into her own world previously where-as now she is in the moment and able to express what is upsetting her.

There are so many little changes that are huge to me such as her initiating holding my hand in public, compared to previously where I would have to force her to hold my hand to cross a road for example. She didn’t like holding hands at all. There are also health improvements. Her diet is increasing and she is not sensitive to so many foods. Her tolerance of allergens is improving.

I have 6 weekly appointments with her homeopath and I keep a diary of her improvements so I have notes for the past year. As I read over them, it really confirms how far she has come in that year. Her progress is steady. I don’t expect a quick fix because she came into this world with several issues and developed more as she grew older so it is going to take time and persistence to undo them. But I would rather heal her gently with homeopathy and know that she is healed rather than manage or suppress her symptoms long term with diet and lifestyle changes and medications.

I use homeopathy on the whole family now and am grateful that my daughter’s health issues have directed me to learn about homeopathy as it is now impacting us all in a positive way.

Life is so much easier with homeopathy and now when people meet my daughter for the first time, they don’t recognize her as being on the spectrum.

Practitioner Comment

Some children with Asperger syndrome progress rapidly and lose their diagnosis within the first few months of homeopathic treatment while others make slow, steady gains over many years. Most however, like Alison, progress somewhere between the two extremes. The end results are just as heart-warming though, irrespective of the rate of improvement.

For many children with autism and Asperger syndrome, hypersensitivity of the immune system to various foods and environmental allergens is a problem but in Alison’s case, this was more severe than usual. To minimize any aggravating effects she was started on “sniff” rather than oral doses of her remedy and as you can see from her mother’s story, they were still effective. If you would like to read more of this method for dosing hypersensitive people, visit: http://homeopathyplus.com.au/i-sniff-at-homeopathy/

Treating Homeopath: Fran Sheffield Homeopathy Plus! T: +612 (2) 4304 0822 W: www.homeopathyplus.com.au August 28, 2013


About 70-80% of patients taking homeopathic treatment for chronic disease report improvement,

About 70-80% of patients taking homeopathic treatment for chronic disease report improvement, and in at least one study they prefer it over conventional treatment, according to a collection of studies written up by our friends down under, Homeopathy Plus. Possibly you are aware of the six-year Bristol Homeopathic Hospital study, which showed that out of 6,544 patients with chronic disease, sometimes of many years' duration, 70.7 per cent reported positive health changes.

But there's more.

A study on several alternative health modalities in Northern Ireland shows homeopathy narrowly edging out acupuncture with 79 per cent of patients reporting positive outcomes.

A study carried out at a health clinic in Dorset, England shows 84 per cent of patients reported improvement, and 81 per cent attribute their improvement to homeopathy.

A German study found that most parents with cancer-stricken kids who had them treated homeopathically rated their satisfaction rate as "very high" and would recommend homeopathy to other parents.

A large-scale Swiss study comparing patient satisfaction with homeopathic treatment to conventional medicine for chronic disease showed homeopathy scoring significantly better, with greater improvement and fewer side effects.

Finally, a 103-centre study in Switzerland and Germany followed 3,079 patients over eight years, and found:

* On average, disease severity decreased dramatically and improvements were sustained * Three in ten patients stopped treatment because of major improvement * Mental and physical quality of life scores increased substantially * Biggest and fastest improvements happened for children and the patients who started out the most sick.

Conditions treated ran the gamut, covering both physical and emotional afflictions.

Those who wonder why homeopathy continues to grow in popularity worldwide despite a mechanism of action that defies common "wisdom" and a well-funded and highly-motivated opposition should take note of these studies.

Read the original article, which has more details and full citations, here.

Homeopathy Safe Medicine Searching for safe medicine. Exposing dangerous drugs and vaccines.

Homeopathy Safe Medicine Searching for safe medicine. Exposing dangerous drugs and vaccines. Sunday, 28 December 2014 Use Homeopathy and stay healthy for a long time! People who use Homeopathy to keep themselves healthy, and help them recover from illness, stay healthy over the long-term. This has been the experience of many people who rely on this highly effective, and completely safe, medical therapy for over 200 years.

Now, what so many of us have believed and experienced for so long, to our benefit, has been reinforced by academic research. And Homeopathy has been found to have a long-lasting benefit.

The question the researchers asked was "How healthy are chronically ill patients after 8 years of homeopathic treatment?" and they set up a long-term observational study to discover the answer. A total of 3,709 patients were studied, and their perceived change in both complaint severity, and quality of life was analysed. The conclusion was simple, concise and extremely clear.

"Patients who seek homeopathic treatment are likely to improve considerably" and "these effects persist for as long as 8 years".

To read more about this research, see these links:

Claudia M Witt, Rainer Lüdtke, Nils Mengler, and Stefan N Willich http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2630323/ and http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1298309/

So if you suffer from an illness, especially if it is a long-term illness, and despite ongoing conventional medical treatment; or if you just want to stay healthy, you no longer have to believe the 'there is no evidence' school of thought, so loved by our mainstream media!

There is plenty of evidence that Homeopathy works, safely and effectively.

And the main evidence comes from people who use it!


Homeopathic Traveller's Testimonial:

Homeopathic Traveller's Testimonial: Hello El,

Hope you are well and enjoyed a good summer!  I'm writing to tell you that the homeopathy you recommended [during our "Travel Consultation"] worked very well during my trip to Bali, Indonesia.  In addition to the immunization remedies, the Chamomila mix was marvellous for my ears and I experienced no discomfort while on the plane.  And this time I had no sleep adjustment problems at all, I took the Arnica mix before bed the first few evenings and slept well right from the first night.  So sending you many thanks for my excellent results!

A. T. ~Vancouver.


I very much appreciated the way you took the time to answer my questions and explain precisely how and when to use the remedies.  Really made the difference in me being able to address different things in the right way resulting in my trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

Testimonial for El Cecchetto DCH, CCH, RSHom(NA)

A lovely email written by the father of a 17 year old who’s had severe allergic reactions to wheat, eggs and dairy pretty much all of his life. [In previous months we had conquered re-introducing wheat] Hi El,

I hope you were able to take time off and enjoy the Thankgiving holiday with your family. Just to let you know the last of this most recent batch of J.A’s remedies ended on October 10. And he has continued to make remarkable progress. During the course of the last month he has eaten foods with egg and dairy in them without any reaction!  He has maintained good health as well. Once again, El, thank you for everything you are doing. With regards, I.A. ~Vancouver.

They type of Messages that WARM MY HEART...

Elena, It was a really hot weekend and everyone skiied and swam; except me, of course; the chicken.  I almost did not go because I had a sore mouth.  Took some arnica and I have not felt anything since.  That arnica is a miracle for me.  Thank you for giving me those magical pellets. I think I have a wisdom tooth that is pushing against my back molars. I hope that is all it is and not some rotten teeth. I have a dentist appointment in July. Take care.   Love,  Mom x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0