Homeopathic Traveller's Testimonial:

Homeopathic Traveller's Testimonial: Hello El,

Hope you are well and enjoyed a good summer!  I'm writing to tell you that the homeopathy you recommended [during our "Travel Consultation"] worked very well during my trip to Bali, Indonesia.  In addition to the immunization remedies, the Chamomila mix was marvellous for my ears and I experienced no discomfort while on the plane.  And this time I had no sleep adjustment problems at all, I took the Arnica mix before bed the first few evenings and slept well right from the first night.  So sending you many thanks for my excellent results!

A. T. ~Vancouver.


I very much appreciated the way you took the time to answer my questions and explain precisely how and when to use the remedies.  Really made the difference in me being able to address different things in the right way resulting in my trip more comfortable and enjoyable.