Using Homeopathy for Treating Symptoms of Anxiety

A lot of people in the United States suffer from anxiety disorders. One in eight children in the country are said to be affected by it. Depression cases are also high, with six percent of the total US population recorded to have been suffering from the condition.

To treat people with anxiety disorders, doctors prescribe the combination of medication and psychotherapy. But not everyone can tolerate the antidepressants and instead they undergo alternative therapies such as yoga, herbs, dietary changes, and homeopathy.

Homeopathy has been claimed to be effective in treating several mental illnesses but there are still some people questioning its safety because some of the remedies have ingredients that are not approved by the FDA.

There are some homeopathy remedies that contain substances that might interact with other medications or high concentrations of toxic materials. It is best to inform a doctor if one is planning to go through a homeopathic treatment.

According to a study that looked into the use of homeopathy to cure anxiety disorders, the remedies didn’t do well. They also looked into the use of homeopathy to treat depression and stated that they can’t make a conclusion on the effectiveness of the treatment.

It has been noted that the important part of the homeopathy treatment is the initial interview where the patient talks about one’s story, talk about the struggles to be better, and what treatments were already tried in the past. Experts have said that the positive response patients got from homeopathy treatment might come from this part of the process, which is similar to talk therapy.

When suffering from anxiety or depression, it is best to talk to the therapist or doctor. Homeopathy options might not be the best one available. There are other options that don’t involve medication, such as helping out at the local library or volunteering at the local shelter.

Photo by Wes Washington (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons


When I went to see Elena in 2006, I was suffering with depression, panic attacks and was having troubles sleeping. I was missing work and knew I had to do something different than taking the conventional medications that weren't working for me. We met and she spent a significant amount of time getting a good understanding of what was going on for me. After the first remedy she chose, my anxiety disappeared and I was myself again; very functional, happy and enthusiastic for life. Five years later, I experienced some of the similar symptoms and went back to see her and was significantly better the very day after taking my Homeopathic Remedy.
Age 45
Children's Librarian

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