Homeopathic Remedies for your Hot Summer Holidays

Emergency Remedies to bring to your beach days:

For sensitive skin:

Calendula can be used internally as a homeopathic remedy for sunburns that do not blister but feel hot, burning and itches. Urtica is another commonly used homeopathic remedy that can be taken internally for a typical sunburn with no blisters but itching and burning.

Cantharis is an excellent homeopathic remedy for burns that blister or are about to blister. For any serious burn, cantharis is a potent healing to relieve the pain and promote the healing of second degree burns.

For sunstroke or heat exhaustion; If you've gotten more direct sun than your body could handle at a time you may have headaches, dizziness, weakness, nausea, fever, flushed skin, dry skin and even confusion or fainting. You would definitely need to re-hydrate as much and as soon as possible. Belladonna is a powerful homeopathic remedy that can restore your strength. Belladonna can act fast if it is the correctly indicated remedy. Glonione is another potent homeopathic remedy to have on hand in case of sunstroke. Cuprum metallicum if there is some cramping of your muscles that develops along with the sunstroke.