Homeopathy Works - for your pets.

Homoeopathy Works;

It is amazing to me the amount of confusion surrounding homeopathy these days.  Amongst it all, one thing to me is always clear - it works.  Each and every party/social gathering that I go to where I encounter new people and of course they ask what it is that I do - I gather stories.

Last weekend at a wonderful Holiday Season gathering this happened with two lovely hippy-like dykes who enthusiastically recounted the story of seeing a homeopath for their dog. Their lovely dog had a list of complicated dire health needs. They had been going from vet to vet trying to get solutions and spending thousands and thousands of dollars with no results. They gleefully explained about the homeopath who was humbly going to 'give it a try'... to help their canine family member.

It was amazing to them that a $19 vial of homeopathic remedy could do wonders for their little fur baby. Homeopathy helps their dog recover in ways that no other medicine had done. They were so shocked in the contrast of spending over $26,000 on their dog, that the solution was in this very refined homeopathic medicine chosen by an experienced homeopathic practitioner. Homeopathy works wonders.