Homeopathy – The Ghost in the Room

Succinct insight from 'HealingHaven.co.nz'

Sometimes we have an amazing effect from our remedies.  We take the remedy and instantly feel relief, our symptoms subside, and we are awed and impressed by the response.  These are great instances where we feel complete vindication as homeopathy users.

There are also more subtle responses – such as a dose of Aconite or Anas Barb before bed when feeling like an illness is coming on, and waking up the next day feeling much better, or a response that may not be so physically felt, but shows up in the form of improved blood tests or the like.

Then there are the other types of responses, those that act on a much deeper level, and where the healing response is difficult to track.  Often I hear ‘Well, that remedy didn’t do anything but I’m so much better now from a, b or c!’.

The thing about a remedy is sometimes you’re not going to notice a lightning strike reaction or a thunderclap of healing.  Homeopathic remedies work on an energetic level to bring back balance – this could be unblocking a deeply stuck pattern of thought or behaviour or an old emotional trauma.  After the remedy, the person can find that they are able to move through to the next stage of their life, and feel empowered to do whatever it is that may be needed to bring about balance in their life.  Often a decision is made or a change of behaviour occurs which eventuates in a healthier, happier person.  And it is very difficult to attribute this to a simple pillule or drops!

I was discussing this with a very good friend and client recently.  Although she had not had a return of her emotional symptoms since taking her remedy, she found it difficult to attribute this to the remedy itself, because she couldn’t help but wonder if it was just something like a good night’s sleep which had improved her, or whether the problem was about to resolve anyway.  She put it so well when she said “Its like there’s a ghost in the room – is it there, is it not?”.  

This is so common in homeopathy, and one of the main reasons people struggle to accept it.  You certainly aren’t alone if you’re doubting your remedy brought about the change in your life!  But let me say, in my own journey with constitutional homeopathy, it only takes a reflection on where I was when I started my treatment to how I was after to leave me in no doubt that the ghost is definitely in existence!