Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain:

I came into work feeling quite sick with a pain in my left abdomen. I felt a bit cold and unwell but any sudden movement was agonizing and sent a sharp burning pain into my left side of my lower abdomen. I was too out of it to figure out what to take and so limped round to my homoeopathic doctor around the corner from my pharmacy. He asked me to hop up on the couch for an examination and prodded around the painful area. I screamed out in pain as he hit the sensitive spot. He nearly had to scrape me off the ceiling. Then he declared that I had an acute inflammation of my sigmoid flexure. Great I said, get rid of it. He smiled and produced a bottle of Belladonna 10M granules from his desk drawer and gave me a capful on my tongue whilst I was recovering from the physical examination. I was aware that the pain felt like a marble-sized spot imbedded in my left side. I felt sick, cold and generally unwell. Within 30 seconds of the granules I experienced what can only be described as a nuclear explosion of this burning marble in my side. The localized burning sensation suddenly spread outward and turned into a warm sensation and sweat over my entire body. The pain went instantly and did not return. I felt quite well and went back to a full day’s work.
Tony Pinkus