Reiki Chakras

If love is the product of the heart chakra, then expression is the
product of the throat chakra. Many practitioners of the
vibrational healing arts have long considered the throat chakra
sacred because it holds within it the information from all the
chakras. Energies from the crown & third eye chakra move down
through the throat on their way to the trunk of the body. Energy
from the perineum, womb, solar plexus & heart chakras move up
through the throat on their way to the head. Within the sacred
container of the throat chakra, all of the energy is metabolized
broken down & put back together before it manifests as ones own
unique self expression. The two basic behavioral difficulties some people
may have that are connected with the throat chakra are
excessive vocal expression or minimal vocal expression. Speaking
up is an anabolic process(putting things together & expressing
them)Keeping quiet is a catabolic process.(receiving and
assimilating)If there is too much energy in the chambers the
person has difficulties speaking up. If their is too much energy
in the anabolic chambers, one will have difficulty knowing when to remain
quiet. The flow of this energy system is very important
because unexpressed or blocked feelings can become physicalized as tension
in the surrounding muscle groups eventually affecting the
Temporomandibular Joint. Dysfunction in this joint may cause
headaches, back pain or more serious functional problems
throughout the body if the blocked energy is long standing. In a
case such as this as specific methods are applied directly to the
throat chakra & Temporomandibular Joint the energy pathways will
gradually begin to open as the increased energy is directed to the area by
not just the Reiki practitioner but the individuals body
as well. As the energy revitalizes the throat, all muscles in the
surrounding area will release their held tension and return to a
more relaxed state, in turn
counteracting any other byproduct of the blockage. As this treatments
continues, more positive vocal self expression will also be realized.


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