Evidence supporting Homeopathy

Response to CBC's version of 'investigation' on Homeopathy:

1. the fact that the skeptics on the show who took large quantities of
remedies with no effect have no idea How To Do a Proving. The skeptics on
the show are feeling no effects from the remedies because they're doing it
all wrong - you want to do a proving, you've got to follow the proper
procedure! Include a summary of the true protocol for testing the effects
of homeopathic remedies, which was first created by Samuel Hahnemann in the
late 1700s and has been being refined ever since. Dare the skeptics to sign
up as provers and add link to where they can.

2. the fact that the Centre for Inquiry which is interviewed by CBC as it
sought to 'get the scientific viewpoint' is a group of armchair cranks, for
example: Congratulations, you've been hoodwinked by a Media Skeptic
organization and have given them undeserved credibility as a representative
for "science" when in fact they're merely representative of Scientism:

Look up their leader Justin Trottier -he is a strange guy, to say the least.

3. the fact that most people who have negative things to say about
Homeopathy have spent about 5 minutes "studying" it. Instead, endorse a
patient's right to choose whatever form of medical treatment they wish.
There is considerable dispute as to the validity and effectiveness of
chemotherapy and radiation, but the skeptics aren't calling that voodoo...

4. You might want to mention George Vithoulkas' challenge to the charlatan
magician The Amazing Randi who offered a million dollars to anyone who could
prove Homeopathy worked. George was ready and then Randi finked out... He
reneged! See link with the story:

5. the fact that doctors don't know how surgical anaesthesia works... so
should we stop doing it? The workings of aspirin were a mystery for the
longest time until someone figured it out in 1971, but that did not stop
doctors from prescribing it for over 72 years *because it works.* ( we need
to make the point that not knowing how a treatment works is actually no
excuse, ethically, for not using it, when you know that it does work.)

6. the fact that in conventional medical compendiums, under each medication
there is a heading for "method of action". For most drugs the answer is
UKNOWN. Some examples include:

All they have about how general anaesthetics work is theories:

*Coma and general anesthesia demonstrate important similarities*


The action of lithium is unknown, and statins, and any psychotropic drugs
are listed as "mechanism of action unknown" (which is the key phrase for a
search.) This particular one is really good:


Here's another one about gold shots for RA (mechanism unknown). This whole
article should scare the pants off anyone considering any of these listed

Okay folks this is the real showstopper for Clinical Evidence:

Some more drug related articles showing mechanism of action unknown.



7. the fact that thousands of people die every year from conventional
medicine and drugs. The Institute of Medicine reports (entitled FIRST DO NO
HARM and CROSSING THE QUALITY CHASM) are both very well publicized and out
there in the public eye and state that

- AT LEAST 100K people per year DIE under allopathic care.
- Another 15 million people per year are HARMED (that's just what is
actually formally reported).
- 100K people die of hospital-associated infections (HAI's is the
acronym). This stuff is very real and these are actually conservative
numbers since these are only what are reported. Imagine all those (like
vaccine injury) that are NOT reported....

You can use this data and hang your hat on these statistics because they are
all over the medical world. I wish the stats were more in the public eye.
Google Peter Pronovost, MD, Ph.D (John Hopkins patient safety hotshot who is
the champion of reducing harm and error) and the IHI...Institute for
Healthcare Improvement, Inst. of Medicine, the National Quality Forum, the
National Patient Safety Foundation (another good site) to verify and get
some good high potency verbiage for your response campaign.

These are just some of the examples of ideas for comments that our group has
submitted. Please look at the trailer and make up your own mind But Just Do

Here is an email from William Alderson, chair of Homeopathy: Medicine for
the 21st Century, an advocacy group in the UK. He has been through the mill
there and has given us permission to pass along this advice for your use.
Thank you William!

"...In the UK the response to the attacks on homeopathy was based on just
putting the positive case for homeopathy and not attacking the opponents,
All this did was give the public the idea that there were two opposing
views, and that they were equally valid. The press support for the
opposition, of course, steadily tips the balance away from homeopaths.

In Israel the response was to attack the opponents with evidence which
contradicted what they were saying. Again this gave the public the idea that
there were two opposing views, and that they were equally valid, except that
the homeopaths were aggressive. The press support for the opposition, of
course, steadily tips the balance away from homeopaths.

The solution, on which H:MC21's approach has always been based, is to attack
the opposition *by using their own statements*. This is based on the
position that *the foundations of the attacks are not built on science, so
there will always be a mistake or a contradiction in what they say. *Against
this attack there is no defence, and it

seriously undermines their credibility and limits the ability of the press
to attack homeopathy.

*Trick or Treatment?* is available in Canada, I am sure, and H:MC21's
Science* has all the ammunition you need to take apart any argument used in
that book in its own terms.

The Commons Science and Technology Committee*Evidence Check: Homeopathy* has
also been given this treatment.

An article summarising events around that report was published on the
Counterfire website (not a homeopathic one). Our advertisement in the *New
Statesman* gathers together key points too. Everything is available free
from our website, and you are welcome to use it." (the website is

Please stay tuned. Please activate your network. Be careful of what you
forward, please spread the word to everyone you know