Comments from CBC Marketplace show on Homeopathy

Question: Why did the CBC not consult with leading Homeopathic doctors for conclusive evidence on the efficacy of Homeopathy? It seems your research is lacking thoroughness.

I would like to offer a link from a fellow homeopath, Bryce Wylde. On his website, he offers a growing list of evidence for, and in favour of Homeopathy.
Please read, in particular: “Homeopathy: The Evidence From Basic Research”. A memorandum submitted by Dr. Peter Fisher. See also “Memorandum Submitted By The British Homeopathic Association” by Robert T. Mathie, PhD. Perhaps upon a more thorough review, your conclusions would have been more positive towards Homeopathy.

Homeopathy is a regulated health profession in Ontario. The Ontario government is confident that homeopathy plays a valuable and significant role in the provision of health care to patients. It is unfortunate that the CBC could not conclude the same.


Paul Inkpen
D.H.M.H.S., Homeopath.