Introduction to Laurence Frederick, Reiki Master

Before I was introduced to Reiki I used to experience extremely bad migraines, pointed out to me as three of four kinds of migraines on a headache diagnostic chart by my doctor. He urged me to change my entire life around and to have more fun because of my all work no play attitude, in order to minimize the frequency of these pains I had to live with for the rest of my life. Some time later a friend that I met in a massage therapy course I was taking told me to try Reiki, I was sceptical until I did some research on it's background. Approximately a month after subjecting myself to some Reiki treatments, I noticed the pain from an old injury I had completely vanished and years later I have never had a headache or migraine. Now after coming to understand the root cause of the migraines of my past, it's not only surprising what Reiki can do but also that something so simple can have such powerful results.