Laurence A. Frederick ~Reiki Master~

Laurence Frederick has been attuned to a masters level by two master teachers of the traditional Usui Reiki system of natural healing. Earlier in his life he was one of many who had the privilege of studying techniques of the Neo Ch'an system designed to cultivate his will. He has been working with clients enabling them to alleviate stress acquired in their daily lives and transcend their "dis-ease" using Reiki, since 2006.

Using the mind body connection, Laurence is able to balance negative energies in the body by using his intentions alone. These energies are directed towards negative personal history which consist of all our learnings, experiences, and influences, whether they took place repeatedly over a life time or a few fleeting traumatic seconds. In Laurence's experience with his clients he has seen Reiki sooth negative memories and correct negative behavioural patterns.

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