Homeopathic Tissue Salts; Powerful and Simple to Use!

Homeopathic Tissue Salts are such an essential tool for a healthy family. Whether it is behavioural issues, insomnia, or simply the common cold, Scheussler's 12 Tissue Salts can help prevent, ease and even eliminate health concerns. Learn these 12 simple remedies and give yourself the gift of freedom to do the rest of the many things on your list in life without interruption or limitation.

I can give you a list here of the 12 Tissue Salts and what they are mainly known for, actually if you scroll down to previous posts - I have already written those up on several occasions. Tissue Salts for colds and coughs, Tissue Salts for insomnia, Tissue Salts for joint pain, Tissue Salts to prevent oesteopenia, Tissue Salts for anxiety, Tissues Salts during pregnancy (YES - safe AND effective), Tissue Salts for PMS or other menstrual complications, Tissue Salts for children with PANDAS or on the Autistic Spectrum and so much more!

On my website you'll see that we offer Teething Mixes and most importantly avoid serious dental surgery with the Teeth/Mouth health Mix.

As Dr. Scheussler explained when introducing these homeopathic remedies hundred of years ago, these remedies are the common minerals already produced by and existing within our bodies and are essential for most functioning of our body systems, neurological, skeletal, hormonal, immune etc... so they are the ESSENTIAL homeopathic supplements for our bodies.

Knowing how to use them and how to apply your knowledge in everyday situations for you, your family, your co-workers and maybe even clients will bring amazing satisfaction to yourself and improve your own well being when able to help others. When signing up for the Tissue Salts course, you will receive downloadable pdf reference sheets that makes choosing the right remedies easy in your times of need. For those who learn by listening and seeing, video clips are part of this wholistic package (of course)! Learn by Remedy, or by health complaint, learn with diagrams and charts. Then you will feel the joy of helping overcome a wide variety of health concerns with these powerfully useful homeopathic medicines. We want to ensure the best educational experience. If you're unsure or something isn't clear, we will work to improve the course with your welcomed feedback. Alongside your course, you will have access to ask questions by email directly to the experts and will have your emails answered within 24 hours.

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