Homeopathy and ACUTE TRAUMA PTSD and addictions etc... published from HPathy 2015



  • Aconite (as above)
  • Androctonos (Scorpion)



  • Over confidence
  • potentially dangerous, either to self or to others.
  • A sense of adolescent omnipotence, of invulnerability emerged.
  • Contemptuous. Want of moral feeling.
  • Quarrelsome. Unsympathetic.
  • Deceitful and defiant.
  • Delusion they are going to be assaulted.
  • Malicious with desire to injure.
  • Cruel and unfeeling.
  • Cold knife-edged violence, desire to stab things.
  • Suspiciousness.
  • Fear of one’s own impulses.

Lack of control.

  • Uncontrollable emotions. Or: complete inability to express emotions; can’t weep.
  • Wants to control others.


One of the main features of the remedy is a total lack of guilt and remorse, unfeeling. This is more so than in Anacardium which is more like snake remedies in that there is a strong sense of duality.



  • The Swiss government has determined that homeopathy is the most cost effective method of medical treatment for ‘ambulatory’ patients.
  • “From 1999 to 2005, 5 methods of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) applied by physicians were provisionally included in the mandatory Swiss basic health insurance. Within this process, an evaluation of cost-effectiveness is required.”
  • Homeopathy was one of the five methods and it turns out that it is the most cost effective, more than conventional medicine or any other complimentary medicine. Patients reported a better quality of the patient-physician relationship and fewer adverse side effects than with all other complementary medical approaches.
  • The positive general conclusion of the study was: “This study uses a health system perspective and demonstrates at least equal or better cost-effectiveness of complementary and alternative medicine in the setting of Swiss ambulatory care. CAM can therefore be seen as a valid complement to conventional medicine within Swiss health care.”


Homeopathy may not be easy, but it’s cheap!

About the author

Elena Cecchetto

Elena Cecchetto DCH, CCH, HMC, RSHom(NA), MSc (Cand)
El Cecchetto is on the founding board of Side by Side Homeopathy, a group of Homeopaths who are helping people in the Downtown Eastside with any of their health concerns. Some of the common complaints she helps people to address include anxiety, PTSD, depression, migraines, digestion concerns and insomnia. Her most happy moments are when she hears back from new parents about getting the colic, teething, nursing, sleeping, coughing, and rashes successfully addressed with homeopathic care. Her Homeopathic Pediatrics studies have been supported by extra conferences with Dr. Sunil Anand and Louis Klein.

El makes is very involved in Homeopathic associations such as the West Coast Homeopathic Society (WCHS), the BC Society of Homeopaths (BCSH) and the Canadian Society of Homeopaths (CSH).