Homeopathy and people with a history of trauma and addictions .. continued from HPathy publication

Follow up – feeling on top of the world. Talks about reconnecting with his sister. Constipation is not bad. Digestion is good. Appetite is good. Talks about quitting smoking. Only two cigarettes today. … he called to pass on the message that he did really well at the treatment centre and has been reunited with his family and is doing great. Said to say thank you to the homeopaths.


Panic attacks, anxiety/restlessness/agitation/anger/irritability


  • Stramonium
  • Aranea
  • Tarentula
  • Carbo veg (as above)
  • Nux (as above)


STRAMONIUM (AGITATED/but can see it in numbed state)

Mostly – if not then staring (eyes off kilter):

Violence and violent fears.

  • Worse darkness; better light.
  • Worse alone; better company.
  • Suppressed secretions.
  • Spasmodic affections; recurrent.



CASE: He presents as very restless. Has anxiety. “Do I speak really quickly? Can you understand me? Go, go, go, comes out in the way I talk. Tried to read out loud yesterday. Not breathing between sentences. Like holding my breath. Need to slow down. Take a deep breath. Confusion. Discombobulated. All these thoughts. Trying to assemble them. Can find the words but can’t get them out. My brain is like mush. Pains – neck, limbs, knees ankles and especially hands. I’ve seen a lot of violent things that the human mind isn’t supposed to see. Worst dream ever last night. Crying when I woke up. A vicious attack. Traumatic. Stunned. Petrified. Like a deer in headlights. Had to wake myself up in it. I was seeing myself die, or almost. I’ve lived a crazy life. Could write a book or a movie. Sold drugs on the street. Chaos, death, destruction, tragedy, trauma… Wants children. Two miscarriages then my girlfriend had a baby but both she and the baby died.”



Frantic restlessness and ailments from unrequited love and pain in the hands. Foggy headed. Sleep restless, with frequent waking, and always with a sensation as if hands and forearms were swollen and heavy.

Next time we see him (two weeks later), he says he is happy. So we give him some of the rx to bring with him (aranea 220C)



  • fidgeting, very jittery, knees bouncing, hand spinning, rubbing fingers]
  • He says – “I’m a bit irritable, hyper, can’t sit still. Can’t concentrate, I pace around. Like a dog that’s jumping up and wants to go for a walk or begging for food. He’s trying to quit smoking… he says – it’s like somebody keeps nagging at you, knocking at your door. Your mind goes 100 miles an hour.”


Constant movement of the legs, arms, trunk, with inability to do anything; twitching and jerking of muscles. Restlessness, could not keep quiet in any position; must keep in motion, though walking agg. all symptoms.

Amelioration: In open air; music; rubbing affected parts. Termini of nerves became so irritated and sensitive that some kind of friction was necessary to obtain relief.