Ankle Sprain? Try these best homeopathic medicines for sprains and strains

Worse in the night in bed, worse in the morning on waking, worse in damp and cold weather or before storms, worse upon long exertion.
    Better heat or hot bathing, better dry weather, better after first motion.
    Restless extremities. Restless legs in bed.
    Bursitis. Tendonitis. Sprains.
    Numbness from lying on the arm or leg.
    Numbness of left arm in heart conditions.
    Cracking joints.

    Sensations: As if sprained, esp. in periosteum and ligaments, always worse motion. Weariness and heaviness in all limbs; weakness; stiffness. As if paralyzed and bruised, as if he had lain upon a hard bed. Leaden heaviness in limbs.  Pins and needles in soles, preventing walking.
    Pains:  Transient drawing and tension in almost all limbs and joints; paralytic pains. Stitches in joints on motion and on touch. In limbs and joints better warmth. In limbs during heat, intermittent. Tensive, in ankle on any slight first motion. Worse with motion.
    Observed: Joints red, swollen, hot, with stitches and tearing, worse least movement. Every spot is painful on pressure. Constant motion of left arm and leg ... with sighing. Painful stiffness of limbs after fright. Limbs move, but sluggishly.

LIMBS - Bone fractures. Comminuted fracture. Non-union of bones. Accelerates the formation of callus. Reduces healing. Prickling, stitching pains. Bruises. Injuries from blunt instruments. Pain in area of bony protuberances, elbow, epicondyles, ankles. Injury to periosteum. Injury to hard tissue, shins. Bone inflammation, periostitis with pain and soreness. Osteoporosis. Brittle bones. Knee arthralgia. Tennis elbow. Psoas abscess. Pain at the site of old wounds or fractures, past injury to cartilage or bone. Post-surgical pain at the site of amputation or bone puncture.

Lower Limbs
    Sensations:  Of icy coldness on outer surface of calf, the length of a finger.
    Pains: Sciatica with oedema of ankle. Cramps in calves and soles; esp. in persons who suffer from cold feet.
    Observed: Chronic sprains, esp. of ankle-joint. Icy cold feet in evening. Oedematous swelling of right foot.

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