Most Common Children's Teething Remedies

Is your child teething? Homeopathy can help!

There are a handful of very useful homeopathic remedies during children’s teething. The most common complaints that happen at the same time during the pain of teething include, rashes (cheeks and bum), congestion (stuffed up, runny nose and earaches), sleeplessness and therefore irritability and loss of appetite. Luckily there are some awesome Homeopathic Helpers during this trying time.

Here are some ‘indications’ lifted from our homeopathic Materia Medicas written by Vermeulen and Tyler.

Calcarea Phosphorica:  teething, dentition

 Likes to be alone. Children scream and grasp with hands; cold sweat face; body cold;  Heat in head, burning on top running down to toes. Sweaty heads.

SCHUESSLER Tell us how this drug was prepared by Dr, Hering. says " It is absolutely essential to the proper growth and nutrition on the body. It is found in blood - plasma and corpuscles, in saliva, Gastric juice, bones, connective tissue, teeth etc., Has a special chemicals affinity for albumen, which forms the organic basis for this salt in the tissue cells, and is required wherever albumin or albuminous substances are found in the secretions. It also supplies new blood cells, becoming the first remedy in anemia and chlorosis. it is of the greatest importance to the soft and growing tissues, supplying the first basis for the new tissues hence necessary to initiate growth.

Chamomilla: Chamomilla is turmoil in temper.

    If Cham. is a sick baby he is easily spotted. He will whine and howl and insist on being carried. The moment the tired mother or the jaded father tries to sit down, or to set him down, the music starts afresh; and the trouble is worse at night.

    Or, short of this, he stretches out his little hand for thing after thing, and when it is offered pushes it away in disgust. "He does not know what he wants" (says Nash), "but the doctor knows - it is Chamomilla. "   Another thing Cham. can't stand is Bed.

    Cham. thrusts the feet out of bed (with Sul., Puls., Med.). Is driven out of bed by pain or intense discomfort and misery.

    "The chamomile pains have this peculiarity as a rule, that they are most severe in the night, and then often drive the victim almost to despair, not infrequently with incessant thirst, heat and redness of one cheek: sometimes also hot sweat in the head, even in the hair.


Pains in upper and lower teeth, worse towards evening. When in pain they are lying with head low, lying on sound side. Feels worse from warm food or drink. Can't keep quiet during pain, walks constantly about shaking her head. Toothache ceases out of doors, returns on coming into room. Feels better when outside or with open windows for fresh outdoor air. Mild and yielding disposition, especially when the patient in normal health was good - tempered and mild (or even frivolous and waggish). " " Pulsatilla is especially adapted, " he says, "for slow phlegmatic temperaments; and little suited for persons who from their resolutions with rapidity, and are quick in their movements, even though they may appear to be good tempered, ".

Coffea Cruda: Sleeplessness

Phytolacca: Painful gums with teething

Rheum: Digestive complaints with teething. Odourous perspiration and urination.

Belladonna:  Fever & Redness with Heat Radiating. Dilation.

Combine the use of these remedies of course with breastfeeding and all the usual easy comforts like giving them something icy cold to chew on (also some may choose amber necklaces), lots of naps and as much nourishment and immune boosters as you can think of. These homeopathic remedies are natural, with no toxic effects so there is not a worry about ‘overdosing’. If you choose a remedy and it isn’t showing improvement, try a different one, no ‘more’ will make that difference.