Homeopathy FAQs: What are the benefits of a natural approach to healing?

The process of healing varies from person to person depending on how ill you are, or on your levels of vitality. In the days/weeks after taking the homeopathic remedy you may find that you feel better in yourself - you experience an increase in energy and/or your complaints improve gradually or may even clear up completely.

With an acute or recent illness your improvement may be quite swift. Or it can be a more gradual process, especially if you have been suffering from a long term, or chronic complex illness.

Some people experience a slight worsening, or aggravation after their treatment (healing crisis). This usually occurs within the first day or two of starting a remedy and is a good sign. Aggravations mostly do not last long (part of a day or two), are manageable and are accompanied by an increased sense of well being.

Some Homeopathic Pharmacies are older than conventional pharmacies!

Some Homeopathic Pharmacies are older than conventional pharmacies!

You may experience a "return of old symptoms", in other words symptoms that you experienced in the past may resurface, and these too, are a good sign. They indicate that your body is clearing out an old disease pattern and are generally short-lived. This is always a good opportunity to ask yourself whether your symptoms are familiar, whether they remind you of something you have experienced in the past.

Health problems are symptoms of imbalance - a warning sign from your own body that it is not functioning as well as it could. The earlier you address a health concern, the easier it is to resolve.