She Cured 20.000 People from Cancer: Her Best Kept Secret is Now REVEALED!

About 25 years ago, the famous American doctor Hulda Clark came to an life-changing discovery that significantly changed the course of development of modern medicine. She Cured 20.000 People from CancerHulda Clark has managed to heal more than 20.000 patients who were suffering from cancer and other similar diseases. The basis of each of her treatments was the elimination of parasites that exist in the human body. Clark is convinced that the basic cause for the development of every untreatable disease is the same – parasites.

She found many old recipes and designed some new recipes that helped thousands of people eliminate these dangerous microorganisms which ultimately lead to cancer cure as well as healing of other dangerous diseases.

Dr. Clark is also known as a biophysicist, philosopher and author and co-author of many different books dedicated to alternative medicine. She graduated at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada where she studied medicine. After that, she got MA in biology.

Finally in 1958, she got doctorate degree in physiology from the University of Minnesota.

However, this is not where Dr. Clark stopped upgrading her knowledge.

That’s why in 1988 she was able to design a technology that can scan the body for pathogenic microorganism presence. This discovery led to the creation of the device known as Syncrometer.

Thanks to the Syncrometer, people can detect microorganisms and other potentially dangerous substances in the body in a fast and precise manner. This device is relying on detection of resonance. In case you didn’t know, everything around us comes with its frequency.

If we use frequency in the right way, we can easily detect viruses, parasites and bacteria in human and animal bodies. Thanks to this device, Dr. Hulda Clark concluded that the leading cause of many so-called untreatable disease are the parasites found in the body.

Five years later, in 1993, Clark presented a new book called The Cure for all Cancers. This book comes with a thorough explanation about the link between Fasciolopsis buski parasite and cancer. This particular type of parasite can be noticed in every person suffering from cancer. Once the parasite is removed from the system, the cancer is gone. This was the reason why Hulda Clark created a unique anti-parasite recipe that includes black walnut, cloves and wormwood.

With the help of this remedy, users can eliminate more than 100 different types of parasites. It was proven that this powerful combination can eliminate fully-grown parasites, but what is even more interesting it can eliminate the eggs and larva created by these parasites too. Dr. Clark has also designed a special anti-parasite program that has healed thousands of people from “incurable” diseases and cancer. Bioresonance Zapper

She didn’t stop there and continued her research. After a while, she presented a brand new method which involved the use of bioresonance zapper. Zapper is an electronic device that works with the help of micro-currents and in this way it is capable of elimination of bacteria, viruses and parasites.

It is good to know that a huge number of doctors were aware that microorganisms can’t live in an environment with specific frequency and this is something they knew before Dr. Clark introduced the method. They have conducted many studies in which they have successfully eliminated bacteria and viruses by exposing them to different frequencies. The good news is that although these frequencies are deadly to microorganisms they are perfectly safe for the human body.

Scientists have developed a new field of science called Bioresonance Medicine based on this finding. This type of alternative medicine is part of conventional medical practices in some countries like Russia for example.

Learn more about the work of Dr. Hulda Clark through the testimony of one of the cured patients.

Here is Arthur Doerksen’s testimony of healing cancer naturally, using Hulda’s Zappers and Super Zappicator.

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