Pace (Peeace)

Peace in the world of homeopathy? In this past year of homeopathy in Canada, we experienced a total of three episodes of fabricated stories created by CBC's Marketplace. In the meanwhile there also has been a release of a number of significant research in homeopathy that speaks to much of the misinformation perpetuated by skeptics. To balance out this feeling of being persecuted, I have had to travel to the reputedly innovative society of Rome, Italy! Here, I am not only surrounding myself with the scientific minds of the homeopathic community, I have surrounded myself with a population that makes use of this ancient medicine. According to wikipedia; "Italy: A survey of more than 70,000 citizens showed that approximately 4.7 million people in Italy (8.2% of the population) used homeopathy in the period from 1997 to 1999, including being given to 7.7% children under 14 years . The relative increase for using homeopathy rose from 2.5% of Italians in 1991 to 8.2% in 1999, but, despite the increase these numbers are still considered to represent comparatively light use compared to other countries."