Best Homeopathic Remedies!

What are my top ten remedies? If you knew you were going to be stuck on a desert island - what would be the essential remedies to have?

1. ACONITE - I carry Aconite in various potencies with me... even though I always hope I will not EVER need to use it. It can be used as a first response for SHOCK. When I had been hit by a truck while riding my bicycle, my friend and colleague gave me a dose of aconite while I was still lying on the pavement and she said my pallor went from the colour of the pavement to a healthy pink. ACONITE is also great for anxiety and panic attacks. Also for the first signs of a flu or cold if the onset of it is very sudden or brought on by exposure to a cold wind.

2. ARNICA - Arnica is a MUST HAVE for sooo many things that I would like to just list what I've successfully used ARNICA for all here: Shock, pain from INJURY like sprains, strains, and contusions and to resolve OLD CHRONIC PAINS from an old accident or injury that occurred years previous. Headaches, toothaches, after dental surgery to control pain and bleeding, excessive nosebleeds, insomnia, jet lag, swelling after tattoos, PMS cramping, pains/injury after a vaccine.

3. NUX VOMICA (Colubrina for the prettier name) - for any results of overconsumption (as in overeating, over drinking, over prescribing). For nausea, diarrhea or vomiting from a toxic effect of any substance (food poisoning, alcohol poisoning). For toxic headaches, detox fevers, and excessive eructations (burping farting) from an allergic or toxic overload.

4. IGNATIA - when bad news or grief or a deep disappointment his your heart hard. Where you are overwhelmingly upset and can't see the end of that feeling. This remedy can help bring some light into dark feelings or to ailments that have been brought on since the time of a deep emotional shock or loss.

5. Phosphorus - in case of persistent coughs, excessive nosebleeds or other bleeding.

6. Rhus tox - Specifically known for helping with mouth ulcers, herpes and even chicken pox, rhus tox can be sueful for many sudden allergic responses that show up on the skin. Also it is good for pains from injuries that are already at the stage where a bit of motion helps but too much causes the pain to return. Better said it is useful when the pains come on worst at first motion after not having moved for a while.

7. BRYONIA - for intense pains with any movement. This could be a result of a fever/flu or even after an injury or chronic condition such as carpal tunnel or repetitive stress injury. Especially good for the smaller joints such as ankles, wrists, shoulders. When I was having troubles just picking up a frying pan because my whole wrist would go completely weak from any sudden movements (RSI), I took some Bryonia and was cooking away right away!

8. GELSEMIUM - nervousness and anticipatory anxiety. Diarrhea from anxiety usually to do with an upcoming event. For flus, colds or fevers that have a slow onset and make you feel like you can't do anything with complete body lethargy and ache that feels overwhelmingly heavy.

9. Hepar Sulph - for painful infected wounds, boils and ulcerated wounds

10. Mercury – amazing for mouth ulcers and nasty sore throats

Of course, there are sooo many more 'must have' remedies that can help get rid of nasty health problems and prevent complications from simple symptoms of deeper health concerns.

Next remedies to get: RUTA, APIS, Hypericum, Ledum, Pulsatilla, Chamomilla, etc...