New Book for a good Doctor-Patient Relationship

What Patient Don't Say If Doctor's Don't Ask

The Mindful Patient-Doctor Relationship

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"...Fear of the possibility of loss makes us hold more tightly onto what we possess. A rigid hostility to any change underlies a fragile sense of security. 'Better the devil you know than the one you don't.' Love on the other hand, is light and expansive. It's an expression of our trust in the ultimate goodness of the world, and of our sense of all thing sharing their place in the universe. Love makes life feel like a continuum, and a soul's journey in the body feel as part of a greater whole..."

..." it appears that direct patient involvement int he process of healing, established through their on interpretation of the meaning of their symptomatology, as well as a clear visual formulation of their intention to potentiate a healing action, is a 'prescription' that will yield the best results. The doctor's role is to help educate and support the process..."
..." If we redefine the 'placebo effect,' or the 'positivo effect,' then we have no preconceived negatives to fall back on. We are, in essesnce, setting the stage for specific goals and outcomes by providing daily routines to reinforce them. We also provide inspiration and hope, but with direction, goals and specificity. What if the 'aligned and committed effect' was in operation while the patients received effective treatment free from negative side effects?..."


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