Use Homeopathy for your Pregnancy, Fertility and Children

Free Information Sessions
Monthly, the 2nd Wednesday
Complimentary Tea.

Come This Wednesday, April 11th
from 4pm to 5pm.
Or May 9th, June 13th, July 11 etc...

With Certified Homeopath, Elena Cecchetto.
Ask your Homeopath all the questions you wanted to know but never wanted 
to ask!!!

Once you enter into Homeopathic Care, your Homeopath is committed to 
working with you until your or your child's health has improved to your 
full satisfaction/expectations and beyond.

1.    Homeopathy works to restore health whether its one, two or ten 
health problems that you are suffering from - its a "ten for one"!
2.    Works on children, babies and pets.
3.    Relieves severe chronic symptoms such as pain, depression, 
anxiety, hormonal imbalances, skin problems, fatigue, stomach issues, 
migraines, stress and so on.
4.    Safe to use when taking other types of medicines.
5.    Safe for pregnant and breast-feeding women.
6.    Works for first aid/acute situations such as injuries like a 
sprain, strain, shock, colds and flu
7.    Specialized treatment that works to increase vitality and function 
on all levels; mental, emotional and physical; ie. You will feel better.

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