Helpful Decision-Making Tool for the Vaccine Dilemma

Helpful Decision-Making Tool for the Vaccine Dilemma:

Inspired by Dr. Isaac Golden's research and writing on Homeoprophylaxis, here is an "Options Outline" to aid parents who are trying to figure out what is the best option for their child's health.

One integral idea to consider is the long-term safety of the child's health. Three quotes and two charts directly from Dr. Isaac Golden's publication "Vaccination & Homeoprophylaxis? A Review of Risks and Alternatives". 7th edition. 2010. A synopsis of this publication can be ordered by going to


"while no method of disease prevention is completely effective, vaccination and homeopathy offer similar levels of protection against infectious disease."


"Vaccines contain a variety of toxins, and therefore are clearly potentially toxic. Homeoprophylaxis remedies do not contain toxic materials and are not toxic."

                © Dr. Isaac Golden 2007

 And  a list of possible options that Dr. Isaac Golden plainly describes are:

1. Vaccinate as suggested by orthodox health authorities.

2. Vaccinate only against diseases which you feel are potentially very dangerous. For some parents this would mean omitting the MMR vaccine, and Hep B (unless in a high risk category).

3. Vaccinate against some diseases, and use Homeoprophylaxis against the rest.

4. Use Homeoprophylaxis only against diseases which you feel are potentially very dangerous.

5. Use Homeoprophylaxis against all the diseases suggested by orthodox authorities.

6. Only use general methods to constitutionally strengthen our child in order to provide disease specific immunity.

Quote 3:

"In an ideal world there would be no such pressures because both viewpoints would be understood and respected, and a decision to use Homeoprophylaxis would be just as supported by orthodox authorities as a decision to vaccinate. This is the health system that I am calling for, and I hope you will too, whatever your personal preferences. But now it is time to put your ideas down on paper and prepare your own comparison of options, and make a decision!"

© Dr. Isaac Golden 2007