Canada is on the verge of banning nearly all probiotics and enzymes as “unsafe”.

Canada is on the verge of banning nearly all probiotics and enzymes as “unsafe”.

In the face of thousands of annual deaths from pharmaceutical drugs, a recent study showing a direct—and probable cause and effect—link between vaccines and autism, and incontestable fraud and slanting of studies in the medical science realm, Canada is on the verge of banning nearly all probiotics and enzymes as “unsafe”.

Thousands of Canadians are dependent on these natural and safe products for their health—and in some cases, even their lives. It’s now well documented that thousands are losing their lives and their health to the conventional medical and pharmaceutical regime. Yet, Canada has chosen to ignore the harm done, and instead is adhering to trade treaties made through the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the United Nations (UN). The health of the people is tossed in the bin so that Canada, along with the rest of the world, can be brought into line with the dictates of Codex Alimentarius.

F. Longo, of Manitoba, Canada, has expressed his frustration by sending an open letter, published in Common Ground. He clearly and concisely delineates the costs to himself, thousands of other Canadians, and the state itself if they go ahead with their technocratic approach to the control of enzymes and probiotics. He states:

Must I now be forced to litigate against all those responsible for these decisions that discriminate against me, someone who was diagnosed with irritable bowel disease and a hiatal hernia 20-years-ago? My argument represents the feelings of others who suffer from chronic and terminal ailments. Our best insurance against malabsorption is the use of enzymes and probiotics.

—and he ends his letter with:

My life will be in danger if enzymes, probiotics and other digestive aids are standardized or restricted. This is a life threatening situation for 20 million Canadians.

Probiotics and enzymes—foods!—are on the verge of being restricted to the point of becoming largely inaccessible to Canadians. Lorenda Stefan of Common Ground reports in “Natural health product product regulations have gone too far” reports:

So how safe are supplemental enzymes? The use of enzymes in dietary supplements dates back to the early 1900s. Dr. Edward Howell, a pioneer in enzyme research, did an extensive study in the 1920s on the health benefits of enzyme supplements and reported no adverse side effects. Since then, thousands of healthcare professionals around the world have prescribed plant enzymes as a treatment for digestive disorders and inflammation. That’s right; we have been supplementing with enzymes for 100 years, but now they are in danger of being lost. Our SAD (Standard American Diet) is typically devoid of naturally occurring enzymes because most are destroyed when food is cooked or processed. Therefore, many Canadians require supplemental enzymes and other essential nutrients to ensure the body is provided with the building blocks to good health.

Stefan states that not a single Canadian has ever died from using a natural health product. Obviously, Big Pharma and Big Med cannot make such a claim for even a single day. But they’re given a pass, while safe natural healthy products that have rarely, if ever, harmed anyone—products that help make up for losses in our depleted and factory-produced foods— are being banned.

And the excuse given is that it’s for our health and safety! George Orwell could not have imagined that his doublespeak would be used in such an extreme manner.

So Canada—and the United States, and the United Kingdom, and Australia, and New Zealand, and the European Union, and nearly every other country in the world—is eliminating access to most natural health products. In Canada, about two-thirds of them are already gone. In some countries, like Germany and Norway, nearly all of them are.

As reported in New Zealand Becomes Codex Alimentarius Incarnate: Food As Commodity, Not Nourishment, food is no longer simply what we eat. Food is no longer nutrition and health and pleasure. It’s now, first and foremost, a traded commodity. Your health is not of concern, other than to use as a marketing tool to enforce the complete takeover of our right to choose what foods we eat and how we manage our health.

These draconian regulations are being put in place for one reason alone: to make trade and profits easy for multinational corporations.

What’s happening isn’t a coup d’état. It’s a coup de corp(oration).

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