The use of Arsenicum album 30c to complement conventional treatment of neonatal diarrhoea (‘scours’) in calves

S. Kayne PhD, MBA, BSC, MRPHARMS, MCPP, DAGVETPHARM, MPSNZ*Corresponding Author Contact Information, A. Rafferty BVMS, CERT CHP, CERT SHP, MRCVS**

Available online 5 September 2006.


In a pilot double blind study carried out in Scotland, the effect of supplementing a conventional treatment plan with homoeopathic Arsenicum albumwas studied. In the management of neonatal calf scour it appeared that more animals recovered after one day in the group that had received active medicine, than in the placebo group. These results are encouraging.

Keywords: Scours; Arsenicum album; Calves; Diarrhoea; neonatal; Veterinary medicine

Corresponding Author Contact InformationAddress for correspondence Dr S. B. Kayne 79 Milverton Road Giffnock Glasgow G46 7LQ

*Lecturer in homoeopathic pharmacy, Academic Department of Homoeopathic Medicine, Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital.

**Veterinary Surgeon.