Dengue fever: Homeopathy did wonders during epidemics

Monday, September 26, 2011

The other day a nine-year old girl fainted just because one of her classmates scared her by saying that a dengue mosquito was sitting on the back of her ear. In another incident a boy rammed into a motorbike when his elder brother ran after him saying: “I have a dengue mosquito in my hand, it will bite you!” A so-called awareness campaign has aggravated the panic. It’s a huge blow to our confidence that we have failed to handle the dengue epidemic properly.

The medical scientists know that the real cause of the dengue fever is not the virus itself but it is in fact the weakness of the immune system of a person that lead him to fall prey to it. A weak immune system makes circumstances conducive to the successful attack of the virus. The immunologists have observed that only a small percentage of a population is vulnerable to the virus. They give the argument that why not all the members of a family living in the same house and sharing the same environment catch the dengue fever.

It’s a very interesting scientific fact that the dengue mosquitoes carrying the virus bite everyday thousands of people but majority of them remain unaffected as their immune system protects them successfully.

The homeopathic system of medicine has a wonderful record of providing protection against the infectious diseases including dengue fever during the last 200 years. Only a few examples, taken from the history of medicine, are given here to illustrate the efficacy of the homeopathic preventive treatment.

In an epidemic of Typhus in Leipzig (1813), Dr. Hahnemann treated 180 cases of Typhus, losing only two patients. Mortality rate for conventional treatment was over 30%. In 1830’s during the cholera epidemics in Europe, the homeopathic doctors successfully treated 80% of their patients. During the cholera epidemic of 1849 in Cincinnati, with survival rate between 40-52%, those treated by homeopathy had a 97% survival rate. Homeopathy has also proven itself invaluable in preventing illness.

The worldwide influenza epidemic of 1918 killed 22 million people and homeopaths cured an amazing 98% of their patients! During the cholera and typhus epidemics in Europe from 1860’s to early 1900’s, people using homeopathy had survival rate of 50% or greater than those treated by conventional medicines.

In the smallpox epidemic of 1902 in Iowa, the homeopathic preventive remedy was given to 2,806 patients successfully. In the 1957 polio epidemic in Buenos Aires, a homeopathic remedy Lathyrus Sativus was given to thousands of people. Not even a single case of polio was reported in these individuals. In a 1974 epidemic of meningococcal meningitis in Brazil, 18,640 children were given a homeopathic remedy for prevention. Only 4 cases of meningitis occurred in these children.

The author has been working on the dengue fever for the last five years and successfully treated about 30 patients. Some of these patients had a very low platelet count. A plastic surgeon had a platelet count fallen to 51, which rose to 150 within two days of the treatment.

Immunology and Homeopathy began together in 1796 when Edward Jenner, father of modern immunology, gave his first small pox vaccination and German physician Samuel Hahnemann discovered homeopathy. A vaccine is a biological preparation that improves immunity to a particular disease. It typically contains a small amount of an agent that resembles a microorganism.

Hahnemann unlike his cotemporary Jenner did not limit the scope of his great discovery to the preparation of certain vaccines only. He went further and started experimenting vaccines on himself. He would select a diluted vaccine and take its repeated doses and then record the symptoms. Slowly and gradually his family, friends and students also joined him in these experiments. Through great sacrifices the hidden properties of the diluted medicinal substances were discovered and recorded and used clinically with miraculous results.

The writer has also given the preventive treatment to thousands of persons and never ever anyone of these got the dengue fever. The homeopathic vaccine immunizes the body against the dengue virus. My humble request to the society is to consider steps to boost the immunity of the body also along with procuring the fumigation and the platelet kits.

Dr. Asghar Ali Shah

Homeopathic Physician


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