Ethical Deal

Access Natural Healing is featured for Today's "Ethical Deal"

Your Aunt Bea's 12-layer nacho dip isn't the only thing that takes more than 5 minutes to get to the bottom of. Address the root of your health issues thoroughly with today’s ethicalDeal: $25 gets you your choice of a 1-hour Reiki, Craniosacral or Homeopathic Treatment ($195 value) at Access Natural Healing on Commercial Drive.

Pills, blood tests, more pills and 6-month waits to see specialists are frustrating, expensive and can often bring little relief. Try an alternative approach to your health and wellness with the healing hands at Access Natural Healing. Sit down with a Holistic Practitioner and map out the multifaceted history of your body, mind and spirit. Whether you're looking for relief from stress, chronic pain or you’re experiencing a shift in your life, the professionals at Access Natural Healing can help you break down the blockages keeping you from feeling balanced. Choose to restore your health with a Homeopathic Treatment, open up blocked nerve passages with Craniosacral Therapy or harness your own energy with Reiki. You’ll leave with a different perspective on the positive effects of Holistic healing.

Restore your health from the inside out with today's ethicalDeal.