Vaccine Dangers

Vaccination Myth 9: Vaccinations are a legal requirement and thus unavoidable.

All 50 states in the U.S. allow for exemption of vaccination on medical grounds and most on religious or philosophical ones. In the UK there is no legal requirement to have your child vaccinated, nor is there a requirement for a child to be vaccinated before attending playgroups, nursery or school. However, as GPs receive a bonus payment for a high vaccination uptake amongst their patients, pressure can be intense and patients have been required to change to more sympathetic GPs.
If you have problems either with your GP or in finding a more sympathetic one, contact you local Family Practitioner Committee whose address appears on your NHS medical card.

Vaccination Truth 9: There are no legal requirements for vaccination in the UK and the refusal to have your child vaccinated is not a justifiable reason to be struck of a GP's list .