Vaccine Dangers

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lan Phillips, the author of this booklet, lives and works in the USA. Hence much of his experience and data comes from North America. However, the issues raised by vaccination are global, with implications for citizens of every country.

Each country has different statutory regulations, a different range of vaccinations on offer (e.g. Sweden stopped vaccinating against whooping cough in 1979) and a different philosophy regarding the promotion of each vaccine. Although written from a U.S. perspective, the issues are common to the UK. Vaccination is not compulsory in the UK but there are still huge pressures on parents to have their children vaccinated
and a distinct lack of widely available literature on the adverse effects of vaccination. Vaccination in the UK is still regarded by most health professionals and the public at large as being necessary and beneficial.

We have published this booklet in order to readdress the balance and to make this information available to all. This booklet is produced and distributed at cost for the benefit of all children, everywhere.

We have added a section at the end of this booklet to point you towards further reading material, contact groups and other paths you might want to follow.