Vaccine Dangers

Vaccination Myth 5: Childhood diseases are extremely dangerous.

Most childhood infectious diseases have few serious consequences in today's modern world. Even conservative CDC (Centers for Disease Control) statistics for pertussis during 1992-94 indicate a 99.8% recovery rate. In fact, when hundreds of pertussis cases occurred in Ohio and Chicago in the fall 1993 outbreak, an infectious disease expert from Cincinnati Children's Hospital said, The disease was very mild, no one died, and no one went to the intensive care unit.'

The vast majority of the time, childhood infectious diseases are benign and self-limiting. They also may impart lifelong immunity, whereas vaccine- induced immunity is only temporary. In fact, the temporary nature of vaccine immunity can create a more dangerous situation in a child's future. For example, the new chicken pox vaccine has an effectiveness estimated at 6 - 10 years. If effective, it will postpone the child's vulnerability until adulthood, when death from the disease is 20 times more likely.

About half of measles cases in the late 1980s resurgence were in adolescents and adults, most of whom were vaccinated as children[35] and the recommended booster shots may provide protection for less than 6 months.[36] Furthermore, some healthcare professionals are concerned that the virus from the chicken pox vaccine may reactivate later in life in the form of herpes zoster (shingles) or other immune system disorders.' [37] Dr A.
Lavin of the Dept. of Pediatrics, St. Luke's Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio, strongly opposed licensing the new vaccine, Until we actually know... the risks involved in injecting mutated DNA (herpes virus] into the host genome [children].'[38] The truth is, no-one knows, but the vaccine is now licensed and recommended by health authorities.

Not only are most infectious diseases rarely dangerous, but they can actually play a vital role in the development of a strong, healthy immune system. Persons who have not had measles have a higher incidence of certain skin diseases, degenerative diseases of bone and cartilage, and certain tumors, while absence of mumps has been linked to higher risks of ovarian cancer.
Vaccination truth 5: Dangers of childhood diseases are greatly exagerated in order to scare parents into complience with a questionable but profitable procedure.