Homeopathic Treatment during pregnancy and for Moms, Babies and Children

Remedies during Pregnancy

Many women develop an interest in homeopathy for the first time when they are pregnant, as they become more focused on natural remedies that are free of side effects for themselves and their unborn child. I recommend commencing a nutritive tissue salt programme in the second trimester, to support the development of your baby, and to alleviate tiredness and water retention.

Homeopathy can help with the early symptoms and discomfort of pregnancy such as nausea, tiredness and constipation. It is also an empowering option for pain management in labour.

Remedies for Moms, Babies and Children

For new moms, remedies can promote healing and relieve tiredness, mastitis and postnatal depression. Treatment for babies and children can be for colic, teething problems, colds, coughs, eczema, asthma as well as any developmental problems that may arise. After a mother's first appointment, I offer a follow up mother and baby session at a reduced rate. This includes vaccination support if wanted. Email me for a mother and baby appointment.
Elena Cecchetto DCH, CCH, RSHom(NA)