CCH Bootcamp Offered to Educated Homeopaths:

CCH Bootcamp Offered to Educated Homeopaths:

Prepare for your Homeopathic Certification with Access Natural Healing's CCH Bootcamp Access Natural Healing's Essential CCH Bootcamp Materials include:
# 1. Materia Medica Study Cards
# 2. Study Calendar
# 3. Shopping List (you probably already have most of them)
# 4. Remedy List
# 5. First Weekly Course Materials emailed which include Materials for Study, Sample Quizzes, Assignments.
# 6. Kick off Conference Call with Check-in, Weekly assignments, Q&A.
# 7. RSVP to do conference calls in person at Access Natural Healing's "Freedom Room" for those who live in the vicinity (up to 5 people).
# WEEKLY PACKAGES: 1. Seven More Weekly Course Materials Emailed To You
# 2. Seven More Conference Calls on Wednesdays.
# 3. Post CCH Exam Optional Conference Call on Wednesday

Why do the bootcamp for the CCH exam?

I know that many of you have considered taking on this next step towards your professional development as a Homeopath. Then life throws other things at you, you get busy and it gets put on the backburner. I found from personal experience that making the Bootcamp commitment for myself that I actually was able to accomplish it. The studying process was important. It reminded me of the layers in certain remedies that I may not have used since studying them and it helped me see the deeper understanding that I have for the remedies that I've studied in school, used in practice, and then studied again! If you attend all the Access Natural Healing's CCH Bootcamp Conference calls (8 in total), submit all the sample tests and homework (each week), and don't pass the exam you can choose to join any of Access Natural Healing's upcoming CCH Bootcamps for Free. It's important you feel ready so if for any reason you decide not to take the test you can join the next group for no additional cost.

Access Natural Healing's CCH Bootcamp does not cover the CHC application process or fees, the proctoring requirements or the after exam ten case submissions. Although the conference calls will allow time for guidance and answers to any CCH application questions.

Register now, LIMITED SPACE, by emailing or calling 1-604-568-4663 (Pacific Standard Time in Vancouver, BC Canada) to get the DISCOUNTED rate of $469 if you sign up before May 30th, 2011. Regular amount is $529 after May 30th, 2011
# Application forms available by email, fax or post.