My complaint letter to CBC

Hello CBC,

I am in shock that CBC can have such blatantly biased so-called journalism. Your trailer on the show about Homeopathy has already claimed that Naturopaths do Chiropractic work. I believe neither of their associations will be happy to see their modality misrepresented. Obviously, people are passionate about their right to choose Homeopathy if they have found that it works for them. This trailer for the Marketplace episode is riddled with outright falsities portrayed as fact.
1. The study to find out what is in Homeopathic Remedies has never been done before in Canada (CBC is not the first to conduct this test).
2. That Homeopathic Scientific Studies are all self published or observational with no control group.
3. That Doctors explain the success that people find with Homeopathy with the placebo effect.
4. That Naturopaths do Chiropractic work.

You are insulting your very own consumers. I used to have high regard for CBC. I am incredibly disappointed. I know that the supporters of Homeopathy are (or used to be) supporters of CBC. We are a forward-thinking, politically aware, higher educated populace.

This show is doing an overall disservice to CBC's reputation.
Please respond to my concerns about how these inaccuracies were able to get past the CBC editors. I look forward to your explanation of what will be done to ensure that this kind of biased 'reporting' will not occur in the future.

Elena Cecchetto DCH, CCH, RSHom(NA)

PS - Some references that Erica Johnson and team had in their hands but probably won't look at.