Comments from Marketplace show on Homeopathy

Just from this advance advertising, it sounds like Erica Johnson and the Marketplace researchers have approached the subject of homeopathy with a foregone conclusion - " it's a scam".

There is, in fact, plenty of scientific proof that homeopathy works, but it seems they didn't even bother to look at it.

Instead,they took the word of the " skeptics" ( i.e. a group of pharmaceutically - funded cyber- bullies, who are aggressively spreading lies about homeopathy).

When will Marketplace be doing its exposé of them?

Too bad Marketplace did not, instead, approach the subject with an open mind, and interview the ( unpaid ) homeopathic research scientists, the hard - working ( and poorly paid) homeopathic practitioners, and some of the thousands of delighted patients whose lives have been transformed and even saved by this gentle, simple treatment.
~Pat Deacon