raise money for the film about homeopathy

Hello my friends,

We are doing great on our Kickstarters campaign that we launched to raise money for the  film about homeopathy. As of today we have raised $7569 from 86 backers. A huge thank you to those who have already donated!  We want to raise as much as we can before the deadline in 3 days of Nov 28th! Let's give it one last big "kick" for this final week.

Please consider becoming a backer of this film and check out the gifts we are providing for your pledges.  Perhaps you can think of this as an early holiday present? Every little bit helps and all donations are tax deductible.

If everyone who has been touched by homeopathy in one way or another could donate just a little bit, we would have enough to finish the film!

The goal of this film is to reach as many people as we can -- via broadcast television (PBS), in the educational market (Universities and hospitals, medical schools, etc.) and home video.

Together, we can get this film made and make a difference in the world. Please help spread the word.  (Here is the direct URL for kickstarters-- http://kck.st/aSqIpL)

Thank you. And a very happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Much love,

Laurel Chiten


In Queens, NY, Nancy has one dream in life—to become a mother. She and her husband Evan finally get pregnant and give birth to a healthy son, Lucas. At age two, Lucas is diagnosed with autism.

In New York City, Marc develops a small infection that refuses to go away. It is MRSA, an antibiotic-resistant and potentially lethal infection.

In Haiti, Ricot lives in a “tent city”. In another part of town a residential school for the handicapped collapsed after the earthquake. The surviving children and staff live in temporary shelters. No one is receiving proper medical care.

All of these people, while seeking a cure, have found a path that leads them to homeopathy. We focus on the most pervasive modern disorders in the United States.  In developing countries, we tackle epidemics, and other acute and chronic illnesses. The characters’ struggles and triumphs illustrate the concepts of this medical system -- its philosophy, science, controversy, and rich and unknown history. The film also includes a portrait of the founder of homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. It challenges conventional medical notions of what is and isn't possible.

Please visit the website for more details http://www.blinddogfilms.com/homeopathy/

About the Filmmaker

Laurel Chiten (Blind Dog Films) is an award winning independent filmmaker, making films for over 25 years. Her films have screened at film festivals around the world, won numerous awards, been nominated for an Emmy, and been broadcast on PBS’s Emmy winning national series Independent Lens, and POV. The intention in all her work is to entertain her audiences while educating them.

Note from the filmmaker:

Films take many years to make -- a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and money! Every film is like giving birth to a 350 lb elephant. So why do I do this? Because I have experienced first hand how films can enlighten, educate, inspire and transform.

I am deeply passionate about this film and hope to get it completed as soon as possible and release it to the world. Many of my previous films were about medical conditions -- translating personal stories into universal and broad concepts. I am not afraid of tackling controversial subject matter.. My former films “Twitch and Shout”, “The Jew in the Lotus”,” Twisted”, and “Touched” helped raise awareness and changed attitudes. This film will have an even greater impact-- it could potentially save lives.