Homeopathic Remedy Support for Pre-Pardum conditions: A Series:

Nausea: One of the first indications that you might be pregnant!

There are many homeopathic remedies to choose from for "Morning Sickness" or otherwise known as "hyperemesis gravidarum". Some very common choices are the remedies called 1. Ipecacuanha (Ipecac for short), 2. Nux Vomica which is sometimes called Colubrina or 3. Sepia which is made from the ink from a cuttlefish.

1. If you need the remedy Ipecacuanha, your version of nausea will be described as follows:

This remedy is indicated for intense and constant nausea that is felt all day (not only in the morning) with retching, belching, and excessive salivation. You may feel worse from lying down, but also worse from motion. Even after you vomit, you still feel very nauseous.

Hopefully, that is not your version of morning sickness. If so, luckily this remedy might help you. It can be found easily at most health food stores or natural pharmacies. You can also call any Homeopathic Centre (like Access Natural Healing) for the correct amount.

2. If you need the remedy Nux Vomica (aka Colubrina), this is what your description of morning sickness will sound like:

Nausea, especially in the morning and after eating, especially if you are irritable, impatient, and chilly. You may retch a lot and have the urge to vomit, often without success. Your stomach feels sensitive and crampy, and you may be constipated.

3. OR if you should be taking the homeopathic remedy called Sepia, your Morning Sickness feels like this:

Gnawing, intermittent nausea with an empty feeling in the stomach. It is especially indicated for you if you are feeling irritable, sad, worn out, and indifferent to your family. You feel worse in the morning before you eat, but are not improved by eating and may vomit afterward. Nausea can be worse when you are lying on your side. Odours of any kind may aggravate the symptoms. Food often tastes too salty. You may lose your taste for many foods, but may still crave vinegar and sour things.

These homeopathic remedies will likely be easily found at any health food store or natural pharmacy. Look for one of the lower potencies (6C, 12C or 30C) and do not continue to take the remedies for more than one week continuously. If they are working you can stop taking them and only take them if the symptoms return. If they are not working, the remedies are not correctly chosen for you and will not work no matter how much of them you take, so stop taking them.

Hope this leads you to some possibilities for helping your morning sickness or nausea during pregnancy and call a professionally trained Homeopath if it doesn't.