Placenta Preservation: Make Homeopathic Remedies from your placenta& other birth products

Divine Placenta: Placenta Preservation

There are a variety of methods to preserve the sacred
placenta so that you have an incredible keepsake
to honour the place where love grew.

We create the placenta. It homes and feeds our
babies and we give birth to it. It has a sacred
connection to the child it nourishes for
months and for this reason it is treasured.

Access Natural Healing teamed with Placenta Encapsulators to
prepare your placenta for ingesting (also
known as placentophagy), burial or for
keepsake. Placenta contains estrogen and
progesterone, and by consuming it the placenta
restores hormone levels lost in childbirth. It has
been found to reduce hemorrhage and most
importantly it is known to help reduce the
possibility of postpartum depression.

You can preserve your placenta for postpartum and beyond.

Why have Homeopathic Remedies from your placenta & other birth products (colostrum, hind milk etc... )?
Preserve your placenta for life:
Helps women with:
post partum pains, depression, low milk supply and later on in life it helps women in menopause, dry eyes, and skin disorders

Given to the child, the Homeopathic Remedy made from the placenta can help that person with colic, indigestion, and problems with nursing. This information can be found in the book "Placenta: The Gift of Life. The role of the placenta in different cultures, and how to prepare and use it as medicine."