Homeopathic Immunization - Alternative to Vaccines?

International Research Demonstrating the Validity of Homoeoprophylaxis
Homoeoprophylaxis was first used by Dr Samuel Hahnemann in 1798 to prevent Scarlet Fever. It has been used in many countries since then to successfully immunise millions of people. This use has been well documented. However some question whether there is objective evidence that the method works (everyone agrees that it is non toxic). In recent years two pieces of evidence have emerged that will satisfy any objective person, although not of course people who have drawn conclusions based on conjecture, and refuse to study the material available.

The Brazilian Experience
In 1998 there was an outbreak of meningococcal meningitis in a region of Brazil. Many doctors in that country are also homeopaths. There was no vaccine available at the time, so a group of doctors who worked in the region used the meningococcal Nosode to immunize 65,826 children. Another 23,539 children in the region were not immunized. The doctors followed the two groups for 12 months. After 6 months the efficacy of homeoprophylaxis was 95%, and after 12 months was 91%. A complete and statistically rigorous report was published in a leading peer reviewed Homeopathic journal, and is available for study (see reference following).
Mroninski C, Adriano E, Mattos G (2001) Meningococcinum: Its protective effect against meningococcal disease. Homoeopathic Links Winter Vol 14(4); pp. 230-4.