A Wonderful Resource for Homeopathic Home Prescribing…

The perfect resource for anyone wishing to prescribe homeopathic medicines for their family to address acute ailments or First Aid may just be Homeopathic Remedies (ISBN 0-89529-950-x) by Asa Hershoff ND.

The book is well planned and nicely laid out. Hershoff covers a wide array of conditions and has arguably one of the best introductions to homeopathic home prescribing. The book is quite widely available and can also be easily purchased online at WholeHealthNow.com/books*.

In the opening chapter Asa Hershoff offers a succinct and compelling list of Homeopathy Advantages in this wonderful book.

"For those who are new to homeopathy, the following summary of homeopathy's advantages can serve as the best introduction to this truly unique form of healing art...

Effectiveness: Homeopathy has proved itself in treating every conceivable type of healthcare situation in tens of millions of patients.

Consistency: The same medicines have been used for the same conditions, based on the same indications; remedies do not go in and out of fashion, and do not disappear from the shelves because they are no longer useful.

Naturalness: Homeopathy does not use synthetic substances, but relies on the healing properties inherent in plants, minerals, and even animal substances. They are used in their whole, natural state, not as isolated chemicals.

Safety: Homeopathy is virtually non-toxic, without any side effects whatsoever. There is no risk of poisoning, even if bottles of the medicines are consumed, or one accidentally takes the wrong medication. There is no drug residue, addiction or build-up of tolerance, even with long term use.

Non-invasiveness: Homeopathic remedies act as catalysts, assisting all the body's natural processes, rather than interfering with subtle, natural functions. In this sense medicines are extremely gentle, rather than violent, respecting and preserving the intricate mechanisms of the biological systems.

Non-suppression: Many mainstream treatments thwart or weaken the immune and neurological response by simply interfering with body processes. This suppression is known to cause deeper problems later on. Homeopathic medicines work, but never suppress, even in treating inflammation or pain.

Ease of Use: In spite of the complexities of using homeopathy on a professional level for serious illnesses, homeopathy can also be used effectively at home with a few basic remedies.

Family-based Medicine: Homeopathy is ideal for children, the aged, and in long-term treatment where there is very real concern about the toxicity and side effects of short and long-term drug use.

Individuality: People have extremely wide variations from one another in their metabolism, biochemistry, reactions, and disease symptoms. In all these ways homeopathy uses a remedy that exactly fits a person's needs, rather than routinely using the same medicine in all cases of a particular illness.

Acute Prevention: Remedies can be used to prevent the onset of many conditions, including allergies, nausea, infectious diseases, (like measles, or colds.) They can be used to prevent muscle overstrain, prevent stage fright, and antidote the anticipated effects of late nights, overindulgence, or overwork.

Chronic Prevention: Professional treatment can eliminate many potential chronic diseases before they begin, or can halt their progress in the earliest stages.

Constitutional Change: Unlike any other known system of medicine, homeopathy can change fundamental, inherent weaknesses, and susceptibilities on both a physical and psychological level.

Broad Scope: Besides their use in familiar conditions, homeopathic medicines are also capable of helping many conditions, including chronic diseases, where there is no possibility of medical treatment.

Integrative: Homeopathy works in concert with regular medical care, or with the full range of alternative and complementary medicine, including nutrition.

Cost Effectiveness: Homeopathic medicines are remarkably inexpensive compared to regular drugs, or even vitamins, making homeopathy the medicine of choice in many third world countries. One of the main reasons for their value is the fact that they are not patented items like drugs, whose price can then be fixed by the manufacturer, without competition.

Scientific: In spite of misconceptions, homeopathy is as scientific as mainstream medicine. Homeopathy does not base it effectiveness on animal experiments, which have no relevance to humans, and prescribing is not based on empirical or accidental discovery of effects, but on a rational systematic observation of the effects of the remedies on healthy and sick people.

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