Questions from our "Addressing the Vaccine Dilemma" presentation hosted by the Health Action Network Society:

Does the homeopathic immunization protocol utilize live viruses and can this protocol make the recipient ill?

Homeopathy is based on The Law of Similars, which holds that a substance that causes a healthy person to get a certain set of symptoms may treat an ailment that matches that symptom picture.
The homeopathic substances used in the homeopathic immunization protocols are chosen to match the symptoms of the disease being targeted. As these substances are prepared homeopathically, that is they are serially diluted then succussed, there is no necessity to be working with live viruses of any sort.
It is possible for someone undergoing homeopathic immunization protocols to experience a mild reaction to one of the remedies administered but this is not undesirable and is in no way an instance of “becoming ill”.