Questions from our "Addressing the Vaccine Dilemma" presentation hosted by the Health Action Network Society:

Questions from our "Addressing the Vaccine Dilemma" presentation hosted by the Health Action Network Society on Alternatives to Vaccines:

Q: Are there homeopathic “kits” that can build up our immune systems to “so-called” Swine flu?

A: There is a lot that can be done to build up your immune system for the coming flu season.

Although the Swine flu hysteria is rampant in the news, if you read between the lines, you can see that it looks like the H1N1 epidemic is becoming milder as it goes along. Most people are hardly experiencing any symptoms from it.

To build up your immune system for any cold or flu, not just H1N1, you can start by getting enough rest regularly. We all know that the time that we tend to get sick is when we have been overworking and getting “run down” generally. Next comes getting enough vitamin D. A recent study in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that the study participants with the lowest vitamin D levels had an increase in colds, flu, and respiratory problems ( 2000IU a day is a conservative amount that has also been found in numerous studies to be linked with lower rates of cancer.

Homeopathically, Influenzinum and Oscillococcinum are good remedies to have on hand if you catch the flu, or if there is an outbreak where you live or work. So is Osha tincture, which is an herbal product. These products do not have the side effects of antivirals like Tamiflu which include: nausea, stomach pain or cramps, neuropsychiatric side effects including inability to think clearly, nightmares, and “strange behavior”, and sleep problems. H1N1 is also gradually developing a strain resistant to Tamiflu as it is being used to treat Swine flu. Resistance to vitamin D, influenzinum, oscillococcinum, and Osha will not happen because they work to boost your immune system and do not interact directly with the virus.

You can also call the office if these measures are not enough for you, and we can individualize a remedy for your particular flu instance.