Surgery Without A Knife.

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Surgery Without A Knife:

Of Course in Homeopathy, we don't use any surgery for fibroid and any growth.
In Homeopathy we use homeopathic remedies for fibroid, tumor or growth. No matter how big the growth.

Here are few homeopathic remedies for fibroid or tumors
Such as:
Conium, Thuja, Kreosote, nat Mur., Silicea, Phytolacca, Calc Phos., Hydratis, Sepia, Chamomilla.

I have treated a case of fibroid of Che Gu Rashidah of kelantan.
Age 45 years she suffered a growth as big as a pregnant woman of 8 months. She told that a gynae told her it is a fibroid and should be removed ! There is no medicine for such a big fibroid.

Afraid of surgery she came to my clinic and told me all the story of her suffering for the last 7 years. He had been to all medical doctor in town and all of them say the same words "remove it by surgery" which she refused !

When I first saw her at my Pasir Mas clinic, I said the same thing, the growth is so big why not you remove it. She started crying and said to me.
'If I wanted to do surgery, than why should I come to you "

She gave the the best answer and shock me with the words. She gave a very simple and forward answer.

Than I admit, " All right, sorry madam, I will help you through my homeopathic therapy and will give you the best that we have"

The therapy goes on for one years and four months, her 8 months old size of fibroid has gone forever and completely with a proof of 'MRI' which she brough to me - Nil - Normal Uterus !

This is what I mean by Surgery Without Knife !!