Sinusitis - A disorder of the sinuses surrounding the nose

Sinusitis - A disorder of the sinuses surrounding the nose, in which one or more of these sinuses are inflamed. Acute sinusitis typically lasts 3 to 8 weeks, whereas chronic sinusitis lasts longer.

The remedies are intended for the relief of symptoms of acute sinusitis. If a stubborn or extremely painful sinusitis occurs please seek professional advice.

Some people never get sinusitis, and others develop sinusitis frequently, It usually follows respiratory infections such as colds. Sinusitis typically follows an upper respiratory infection or allergic reaction, which can cause inflammation and swelling that close off the sinus ostia. This encourages mucous accumulation in the sinuses, and makes the sinus a great place for bacteria and fungus to live and grow rapidly. Individuals with weakened immune systems are at greatest risk since their risk of any infection is high.

Other possible causes include: history of asthma, overuse of nasal decongestants; deviated nasal septum; nasal bone spurs; nasal polyps; foreign bodies; frequent swimming and/or diving; and dental work. Typically, these all cause blockages of the sinus ostia, and are the result of problems that affect the nasal area only.

Remember, these diseases predispose individuals to develop sinusitis because they make the sinuses a better place for infectious organisms, especially bacteria, to grow. Not all individuals with the above conditions develop sinusitis. Homeopathy teaches us that conditions such as sinusitis are an indication of weakened vitality in the sufferer.

Practical steps to try include:

§ Inhaling steam from a vaporizer
§ Applying an ice pack over the bridge of the nose to try and reduce inflammation

Studies have shown that a deficiency of Vitamin A may cause this condition in some people. Eat more carrots, broccoli and fish or consider supplementation if the sufferers diet results in inadequate Vitamin A intake.

Here are a few other tips to try:-

§ Mix onions and garlic together and eat
§ Each day massage underneath the big toe on both feet
§ A tea made from Fenugreek may help

If any of the following develop seek immediate help:

· chronic sinusitis
· spread of infection into the bones of the face (called osteomyelitis)
· spread of infection into the brain (called meningitis)
· abscess formation