A positive effect from Homeopathic remedies, study

A positive effect from Homeopathic remedies, study
Thursday, 4 June 2009, 10:36 am
Press Release: Council of Homeopaths

recent homeopathic study:

The New Zealand Council of Homeopaths (NZCH) welcomes a survey of the use of Homeopathic medicines that reported 92% of people who have taken Homeopathic remedies experienced a positive effect.

The study published in the New Zealand Medical Journal surveyed 124 people in Doctors’ surgeries [1]. Of these 65% said they had used homeopathic remedies with 92% reported experiencing a positive result. These findings confirm the results from studies conducted overseas (2,3,4).

This study revealed that positive responses to homeopathic remedies were achieved even though patients did not understand how homeopathic medicines worked.

Gwyneth Evans, spokesperson for the NZCH states, “The results demonstrate that an adult, child or, animal does not have to know how a remedy works for it to be beneficial."

Consumer demand for a system of medicine that is natural, safe and effective has driven the rise of homeopathy in New Zealand and throughout the world. However, very few surveys on homeopathy have been conducted in New Zealand to date so it is pleasing to see that funding is being made available for this purpose.

Homeopathic consultations are individualised to each patient, taking into account all presenting symptoms, together with a detailed family and personal history, including the context in which the patient became unwell.

A homeopathic prescription is then selected based on the client’s unique symptom presentation. Homeopathic treatment facilitates the body’s ability to fight infection and to decrease susceptibility to disease by gently stimulating the body to heal itself.

“This research is the beginning of an exciting development into adding to previous studies understanding homeopathy. I hope that funding will be made available to conduct further surveys and trials with practicing homeopaths in their clinics, to further add to the body of scientific knowledge of the natural healing powers of homeopathic remedies" said Ms Evans.

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