Homeopathy users think it works

Homeopathy users think it works
Monday, 25 May 2009, 2:46 pm
Press Release: Shaun Holt

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Homeopathy users think it works, but don’t know what it is

25th May 2009 – 92% of users of homeopathic remedies think that the products work according to a survey published in the latest edition of the New Zealand Medical Journal. But only 6% of those surveyed knew that homeopathic remedies did not contain any active ingredient and most thought that homeopathic remedies were either moderately or very concentrated.

Homeopathy critic Dr. Shaun Holt said that he was not surprised by the survey findings, and that they confirmed his suspicions that homeopathy remained popular because people did not know what it was. “Two thirds of people think that there is good scientific evidence that homeopathy works, but there is none”, said Dr. Holt. “There’s a US$1 million prize for anyone who can prove that it works that has remained unclaimed for many years.”

Researchers Shaun Holt and Andrew Gilbey surveyed 124 patients in GP surgeries and found that 65% had used homeopathic products.
Dr. Holt said that “...almost all of the general public and many health professionals do not understand that homeopathic products are not simply dilute solutions – there is no active ingredient. It is like pouring a cup of coffee into Lake Taupo and then taking a cup of water from Taupo the next day and describing that water as “dilute coffee””.

Dr. Holt said that there were good explanations as to why people thought that homeopathy worked despite the complete lack of scientific plausibility or evidence. These reasons included placebo responses and also confusion between clinical improvements, which are attributed to homeopathy, and the natural history of the illness. In other words, the medical conditions would have improved anyway. “It’s like the emperor’s new clothes” concluded Dr. Holt.

I have studied and practiced Hahnemanian Healing (Hahnemann was the founder of homeopathy) for 27 years under Doctors. It works, it saved my former husband's life, I have seen people come out of comas, I have seen people cured of too many emotional and physical conditions to name. The Queen of England uses it. Only the ignorant who have not researched the subject would say it doesn't work.
Our own Dept of Public Health documented the amazing cure rate for cholera, the 1918 pandemic, Typhoid and more! The real question is- has Western medicine ever cured a chronic disease or just palliated it with steroids?
Time to wake up folks, and stop pointing fingers! The US is rated 14th for infant mortality and extremely low for other medical problems....WHY? Maybe because other countries accept and use natural methods, including homeopathy. it is accepted all over the world by many governments (India is just one example- if anything works there, it HAS to be good!).