Homeopathy For Insomnia

Going Alternative With Homeopathy For Insomnia - Common Preparations Used For Homeopathy

Insomnia is a common health issue that troubles a significant part of the population. Statistics will reveal varying percentages of the population complaining about chronic insomnia, but what remains constant is the fact that a lot of people are affected by insomnia and in the process their quality of life is affected. But there is good news for those who suffer from insomnia. There are a number of approved medications that can be taken, and some of these are over-the-counter medications.

Aside from this approach, there are also natural ways on how to combat this sleeping disorder. One such natural approach is through the adoption of homeopathy. This is an alternative therapy used in treating insomnia. Some of the well-known preparations that are used as homeopathic remedies are often tested first on animals. For example, coffea cruda has been tested first on rats and based on researches an identified dosage of this preparation improve the sleep patterns of rats. And when used for humans, the coffea cruda can help those with insomnia especially if the sleeping disorder is linked to stress, anxiety and over-activity of the brain.

Here are some other homeopathic preparations that can be used to cure insomnia:

Aconite. This is a chosen for its help in easing insomnia related to panic and grief. This is recommended for the person often awakened in the middle of the night by nightmares.

The use of arnica is suggested for persons who cannot sleep due to jet lag.


Ignatia is used by patients who experience the sleeping disorder related to shock, grief or over-stressing.

Nux vomica (aka Colubrina). This preparation is recommended for insomnia that is related to over-indulgence and mental stress. This is also recommended to the patient who constantly wakes up early in the morning.

A person with insomnia should not automatically take homeopathy without first consulting a professional homeopath. It is the duty of the professional homeopath to select the right remedy given the present condition of the patient. If the sleeping disorder is linked to deeper causes like depression then homeopathy can be used too to treat the underlying cause. With so many over-the-counter medications out there and behavioral approaches in curing insomnia, why take homeopathy which is an alternative way of cure? Well the use of medication is common and medications are best in treating insomnia in the short term. And the issue with these medications is that these may leave those unwanted side effects. And these unwanted side effects may upset the patient and may even prevent the patient from getting a good night sleep. Allergic reactions, drowsiness and sleep walking are just some of the side effects that can be delivered by these medications. But with homeopathy for insomnia, side effects are absent and the patient can drift into the night peacefully and in a natural way.