Can Homeopathy Help in Epidemics?

Here are two of many stories to follow. Check our blog in the upcoming days for more success stories of Homeopaths working during the epidemics within our 200+ year old history.

In 1918:
Fifteen hundred cases were reported at the Homeopathic Medical Society of the District of Columbia with but fifteen deaths. Recoveries in the National Homeopathic Hospital were 100%.

~E. F. Sappington, M. D., Philadelphia.

One physician in a Pittsburgh hospital asked a nurse if she knew anything better than what he was doing, because he was losing many cases. "Yes, Doctor, stop aspirin and go down to a homeopathic pharmacy, and get homeopathic remedies." The Doctor replied: "But that is homeopathy." "I know it, but the homeopathic doctors for whom I have nursed have not lost a single case."

~W. F. Edmundson, MD, Pittsburgh.